Bếp cồn Vargo Titanium TRIAD XE Multifuel Stove

  • Mã số sản phẩm: VAR T-207
  • Thương hiệu SP: Vargo
  • Giá bán: 790.000 VNĐ

Số lượng mua: - +Hết hàng

Tổng thành tiền: 790000

Giới thiệu

All Season, All Terrain, Multi-fuel Capability

The multi-fuel Triad XE picks up where other stoves fall short. By burning either denatured alcohol, fuel tabs, or fuel gels, the Triad XE is your all season, all terrain, go-to ultralight stove. Use the inner canister to burn your choice of alcohol or when faced with high altitude or subfreezing temps remove the inner canister and add your fuel tabs or gel. Don’t let your alcohol stove hold you back on your next excursion!

*Using a windscreen is recommended for optimal performance.


Multi-fuel capability for all season, all terrain use

Removeable inner canister to easily switch from alcohol or fuel tab/gel burning mode

Retractable pot supports and legs for excellent pot and stove stability

Compact design makes it incredibly packable

Solid titanium construction


Weight: 1.5 ounces (42 grams)

Outer Canister (folded): 3.2 inches (80 mm)

Outer Canister (legs extended): 3.9 inches (99mm)

Inner Canister: 2.4 inches (62 mm)

Total Height: 1.2 inches (30 mm)

Fuel capacity: 1.25 ounces (37 ml)

Burn time: ~15 mins (alcohol), various burn times for fuel tab(s) and gels


Use only in a well ventilated area! Never use stove indoors!

Only use denatured, ethyl, or methyl alcohol, solid stove fuel tabs, or fuel gels as fuel! Attempting to burn other fuels such as white gas, kerosene, unleaded gas, etc. will potentially cause an explosion and serious injury.

Be sure the flame is fully extinguished and the stove is completely cooled before refueling to prevent flare ups!

Always anchor stove legs into the ground to prevent the lit stove from tipping over!

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