Cưa xếp Opinel No18

  • Mã số sản phẩm: OPI 1198
  • Thương hiệu SP: Opinel
  • Giá bán: 1.800.000 VNĐ

Số lượng mua: - +Còn hàng

Tổng thành tiền: 1800000


Giới thiệu

Cưa xếp Opinel Saw No18 - Garden Knife - Folding saw 

A pocket saw with an efficient 18cm blade which cuts branches effortlessly. Perfect for your garden, this tool is also usefull during outdoor activities, it turns out to be very handy and efficient. Saw N°18 is equipped with a safe hook and a blade which can be replaced easily in case of wear.

Handle: Beech wood

Blade length: 18 cm

Blade: Stainless Steel

Part #: 1198

Made in France

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