Teufelberger Static Ropes PATRON 11mm

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Dây leo công nghiệp Teufelberger Static Ropes PATRON 11mm - Made in Austria

Teufelberger Static Ropes PATRON 11mm (Core Nylon | Cover : Nylon | Standard (EN 1891 Type A) - Design for working at height, for rescue operation and for severe situations.

Our Patron product portfolio is cer tified to EN 1891 B (9 mm) or EN 1891 A (10 mm, 10.5 mm and 11 mm). The entire Patron series is exceptionally appealing because of its low weight and high breaking strength. Due to the high strength and the low danger of cracking, Patron ropes are the right choice for many different applications. The high-twist 32-strand mantle braid provides for high dir t resistance, better grip and high abrasion protection.


High-grade polyamide

Twisted cores

Extra light weight at high minimum breaking load

High-twist 32-strand mantle braid > dirt resistance, good grip and high abrasion protection

High strength

11.0mm certified with PETZL ASAP (B71 + B71AAA) and ASAP Lock (B71 ALU) according to EN 353-2

11.0mm certified with Anthron DSDplus according to EN 341 A


Ø : 11 mm

Weight g/m: 75.0; Lbs/100: 5.04

Shrinkage % : 4

Elongation % : 3

Breaking load : Free Length: 32 kN; With figure 8 knot: 18kN; Sewn: 22kN

Cover % : 35

Core: Nylon

Cover: Nylon

Standard: EN 1891 A (10, 10.5, 11, 12 mm), EN 1891 B (9 mm)

Braid: 32

Made in Austria

Color: Olive #7360909, Black #7360939, Blue #7360944, Red-Black #7361011, Black -Grey #7360949

Dây thoát hiểm cứu hộ - dây leo vệ sinh công nghiệp Teufelberger Static Ropes PATRON 11mm, sản xuất tại Áo

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