Dụng cụ đa năng SwissTech Micro-Max Xtreme 22-in-1

  • Mã số sản phẩm: ST 53130ES
  • Thương hiệu SP: SwissTech
  • Giá bán: 540.000 VNĐ

Số lượng mua: - +Hết hàng

Tổng thành tiền: 540000

Giới thiệu

Dụng cụ đa năng SwissTech Palm Grip Tools Micro-Max Xtreme 22-in-1 Pocket Tool Kit

The Micro-Max®Xtreme™ offers 22 different tools in one pocket-sized tool. The heavy-duty, stainless steel tools handle repairs with ease. Patented folding mechanism allows the full-sized tool to transform into a size small enough to carry in a tool belt or pocket, glove box or home emergency kit. Integrated locking mechanism keeps legs closed and open.


1. 4mm Allen Driver

2. 5mm Allen Driver

3. 6mm Allen Driver

4. 1/4" Closed End Wrench

5. 7/16" Closed End Wrench

6.#0 Phillips Driver

7.#1 Phillips Driver

8.#2 Phillips Driver

9.#0 Flat Driver

10.#1 Flat Driver

11.#2 Flat Driver


13.Wire Cutter

14.Wire Stripper

15.Wire Crimper

16.Hand Drill


18.Bottle Opener

19.Inches Ruler

20.Inches Ruler Extension

21.mm Ruler

22.mm Ruler Extension


Product Length closed: 2.2” x 3.25 ”

Product Length open: 2.2” x 5.2”

Product Weight: 7.3 Oz.

Model Number(s): MMCSSS-XT

Lifetime Limited Warranty

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