Climbing Technology EASY MOVE Rope Fall Arrester

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  • Thương hiệu SP: Climbing Technology
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Giới thiệu

Khóa hãm trượt Climbing Technology EASY MOVE Rope Fall Arrester  - Made in Italy

Lightweight and easy to handle multifunctional device that can be used as:

Fall arrester (EN 353-2:2002 / EN 12841:2006-A)

Working line ascender (EN 12841:2006-B

Lanyard regulator (EN 358:1999).

It presents several innovative characteristics:

Sliding on the rope made easier by the shaped adjustment lever which is operated by the connector when pushed upwards during use

Equipped with a two-position adjustment wheel (Rest/Go) for the setup of the mode of use: in the Go position the device is free to slide along the rope and stops in case of a fall

In the Rest position the device can be manually locked above the user minimizing the potential fall factor

100 kg workload

Compatible with the PATRON PLUS 11 lifeline

Technical feature:

Sizes: 68 x 84 mm

Workload: 100 kg

Weight: 190 g

Standard and additional information:

EN 353-2:2002 Ø 11 mm

EN 358:1999 Ø 11 mm

EN 12841:2006-A/B Ø 10,5 – 11 mm

CE: 0333


Made in Italy

Khóa hãm trượt Climbing Technology EASY MOVE Rope Fall Arrester đa năng cho thiết bị chống rơi, leo lên, điều chỉnh dây leo

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