Climbing Technology GALAXY Helmets

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  • Thương hiệu SP: Climbing Technology
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Giới thiệu

Nón bảo hộ Climbing Technology GALAXY Helmets - Made in Italy

All-round mountaineering helmet, recommended for ice climbing, sport climbing and via ferrata.

Main technical features:

Ergonomic shell design

Lightweight, comfortable and excellent ventilation provided by adequate aeration slots

Equipped with 4 headlamp clips

Fully adjustable and suitable for men, women and children

Lightweight shell made of ABS and inner-lining made of expanded polystyrene

Comfortable foam with a quick-dry and washable fabric

Compatible with the VISOR G.

Technical feature:

Adjustable size

cm 50 ÷ 61 in 19,5 ÷ 24

Weight: 350 g

Standard and additional information:

EN 12492:2003




Made in Italy

Mũ bảo hiểm leo núi - Nón bảo hộ Climbing Technology GALAXY Helmets chuyên dụng cho leo núi đá, leo núi thể thao và làm việc nhà cao tầng

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