Rìu đi rừng Gerber Sport Axe II Hatchet

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Rìu đi rừng Gerber Sport Axe II Hatchet là phiên bản Rìu đi rừng, dã ngoại cao cấp mới nhất của GERBER

Rìu đi rừng Gerber Hatchet 14" - NEW 2018

Like all Gerber axes, is built with an eye to sturdy troubleshooting assistance. The 14" Hatchet is the middle brother of the Gerber single hand axe series. Featuring an innovative easily-removed sheath that still maintains a slim profile and stores neatly within the handle, the 14" Hatchet serves its owner with the excellence that modern technology and good steel have combined to deliver. The handle features a soft touch over-mold to keep the Sport Axe II securely and comfortably in your hands.


A portable, compact axe, the 14" Hatchet combines light heft and an ultra-sharp blade known for its edge retention. Its size makes it ideal for splitting medium-sized and smaller logs. With a low-friction surface coating, the hardened forged steel blade of this axe slices through wood at a depth that is three times greater than average, allowing for faster chopping and maximum overall performance efficiency. The coated surface also prevents the blade from sticking in the wood, and its high-capacity potential prevents body strain.


Possessing a shock absorbing handle that helps in prevention of overstrike injury, the Sport Axe II offers great grip and superior hand control. Balanced perfectly for exertion-to-weight ratio, this nimble axe swings with a solid, easy feel. Its hardened forged steel blade, in conjunction with the unique grind technique engineered for a sharper edge, will make sharp, clean cuts for far longer than average, making this an intuitive kit axe for camping, yardwork, and beyond


Lifetime warranty

Forged Steel Head

Lanyard hole

Glass-filled nylon handle that is nearly indestructible

Made in Finland


Item # 31-002647

Overall Length: 14"

Blade Length: 2.6"

Weight: 22.6 oz.

Head: Forged Steel

Sheath: Formed Plastic

Handle: Glass-filled Nylon

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