Thùng đá có bánh xe GLIDE ProSportsman 104L

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Thùng đá có bánh xe kéo Igloo Glide Pro 104L - White - Giữ lạnh 5 ngày

Logo thương hiệu IGLOO USA. Số 1 từ Mỹ chuyên sản xuất thùng đựng đá, túi giữ lạnh, bình tích lạnh, bình đá, phích giữ lạnh vắc xin

Glides along with half the effort
Another industry first from the leader in wheeled coolers; Virtually indestructible stainles steel hinges; impact-resistant DuraLatch lid closures; Dual lid straps.
Expertly engineered with a telescoping handle that keeps the bulk of the cooler weight away from the users body - this wheeled cooler is easy to lift and pull. Perfect for fishing, boating, tailgating and much more.
Color: Pro White / Sportsman

Made in USA


Unique horizontal Slide-and-Lock telescoping handle provides maximum leverage and lightens lifting loads
Ultratherm® insulation in body and lid keep ice 5 days at 90°F* (32°C)
Virtually indestructible stainless steel hinges
Oversized, soft-ride, sport rally wheels UV inhibitors guard against sun damage
Attractive, yet rugged styling Cool Riser
Technology™ improves cooling performance Threaded drain plug for hose hook up and easy draining
Fish keeper scale measures your catch instantly

*Poly Olefin
Ultratherm® insulation


Dung tich nuoc trong thung dung da co banh xe IglooLon 350ml trong thung dung da co banh xe IglooChai 2L de trong thung dung da co banh xe Igloo
Capacity:110 Quarts : 104 Liters : 150 Cans 12oz. Fits 2-Liter bottles, upright
Item weight (kg) 11.5
Exterior Dimensions (cm - L x W x H) 100.764 x 47.302 x 50.1

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